Is your Wallet safe?

And can you withdraw money soon?

SB101 exchange is possible!!


Wallet + Card [SB101 system] was born!



SB 101 is a coalescing system of offline wallet and international card!

Coins are charged to Card and you can withdraw your country’s currency from ATM!!


The virtual currency coin is charged to the card in US dollars.

The US dollar in the card can withdraw your country’s currency from ATMs all over the country.



Free registration of account before card application.


First of all, a free account registration is required.



SB101 What is an exchange?


 SB 101 made the world’s highest safe wallet and installed it.

 When opening SB101 wallet, international cards will be mailed.

 Wallet coins can be instantly deposited in the US dollar on the Card.

 The US dollar of Card can be withdrawn from the nationwide ATM in exchange for the currency of your country.

 First of all, “free account registration” is required from the specified link destination.

 Application for Wallet + Card will be done after SB101 Exchange account registration.

 Wallet opening fee will be paid by Bitcoin for $ 140. (Litecoin / Ethereum planned to be added)

 The first issue card is the Unionpay card. VISA / Master is also planned.

 The card will arrive in about 3 weeks after pushing the application button.

 Can be issued regardless of credit rating or bank balance if over 18 years old.

 Card issuing countries are Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan.

 Card expiration date is 3 years. It can be updated after that.




Currently only Bitcoin, Litecoin / Ethereum / Ripple / Bitcoin Cash will be added.




You can withdraw your country’s currency from ATMs nationwide.




Safe and convenient 【SB101.wallet + card】


A free account registration is required first.


In addition, I summarized the contents with many inquiries.


 The operating company is a big Asian enterprise operated casino.

 Should SB 101 be closed, the asset will be refunded in full at Bitcoin.

 Only one type of prepaid card can be issued per account.

 Customer center is English correspondence by chat.

 You can not move US dollars from Card to Wallet.

 Wallet’s monthly administrative fee will be incurred after the card is issued.

 Account registration is possible only from ‘introduction URL’ from introducer.

 We are looking for an affiliate to spread the SB 101 system.

 We are also looking for agents with greater rewards than affiliates.



Please refer to this page for details of affiliate contents and remuneration.


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Please refer to this page for details of agent contents and remuneration etc.


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